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Quality Used Ford SUVS in Yonkers

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Ford and Lincoln SUVs are more popular than ever; and, when you consider their excellent combination of versatility, capability, cargo capacity, and seating, it's not hard to see why. They're the perfect complement to the busy lifestyles of Yonkers families, commuters, and weekend adventures alike.

Of course, for many SUV shoppers, buying brand new isn't always the right decision. When you consider aspects like family needs, budget, and lifestyle, sometimes it makes more sense to go with a quality pre-owned model instead. Used SUVs not only carry lower sticker prices, they also incur lower registration fees, taxes, and insurance premiums. Additionally, since new vehicles experience their most drastic depreciation in the first few years, pre-owned vehicles will hold their value for longer.

Most of the used SUVs in our Smith Cairns Ford Lincoln inventory are just a few model years old, so they carry many of the same great features as newer models. Have you ever wanted to slide behind the wheel of an upper trim level, only to be held back by the associated price increase? With a quality pre-owned SUV from Smith Cairns, that upper trim could be within reach.

Used Ford SUVS near The Bronx

The Ford Edge is great choice for midsize families looking for comfortable front and rear seating, and plenty of cargo capacity for shopping trips, weekend sporting events, and camping adventures. Even with all seats in place, the Edge provides nearly 40 cubic-feet of extra space.

Looking for a vehicle with true crossover utility, but without a large footprint? The Ford EcoSport is a nimble subcompact crossover with great handling and impressive cargo capacity for its size. It's an ideal option for students, artists, and urban adventurers who need enough space for their things, but still want to fit into tighter parking spaces.

Larger crews will appreciate the generous cargo capacity and seven total seats of the Ford Explorer; a full-size crossover with plenty of intuitive high-tech features, available all-wheel drive, and robust V-6 power.

If you require three rows of spacious seating and immense cargo capacity, you can't do better than the Ford Expedition. With it's potent turbocharged V-6 power plant, it's more than capable of hauling your whole crew and all their belongings. And, it boasts a max towing capacity greater than 9,000 pounds; a number that rivals many trucks.

Used Lincoln SUVs

When looking for the ultimate combination of a utility and luxury, New Rochelle drivers turn to Lincoln SUVs like the MKX and MKC.

Whatever the destination, the Lincoln MKC will get you there in style. An upscale cabin, premium features, and more than 50 cubic-feet of max cargo capacity, all combine to deliver a ride that's perfect for weekend getaways and fancy date nights.

The Lincoln MKX is a lot like the MKC, and even shares the same executive Lincoln design language. The V-6 power plant is potent and energetic, and the spacious interior is plush and quiet.

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If you're looking for a capable SUV or crossover at a great price, consider a quality pre-owned model from Smith Cairns Ford Lincoln. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us at your convenience. And, if you find one that catches your eye and you want to get a closer look, you can visit our Yonkers Ford Lincoln dealership for a test drive. It will be our pleasure to assist you.