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Don’t Miss the Technology in a 2018 Ford Escape

Safety is at the center of everything that Ford aspires to do in manufacturing. Such is the reason why the brand crafted the Ford Escape with features that enhance driver capabilities to reduce the number of accidents that occur on the highway and in the city.

Ford Safe and Smart Package is comprised of technological advances that offer convenience and better views of the road. There are the driver-activated windshield wipers that can sense the intensity of the rain. The high beam headlamps also help during inclement weather conditions as they automatically activate when they detect fog...

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High-Tech Convenience Features Makes Driving the Ford Escape Highly Intuitive

Ford is continuing to improve the driving experience with innovative technology systems that prevents avoidable accidents, hands-free mobile syncing, and drive-assisted features. Do just get there, enjoy the ride in the new 2018 Ford Escape.


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