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Looking a Little Closer at the Ford Edge Technology Features

The reasons the Ford Edge is being considered a popular midsize SUV this year is due in part to the countless technology features.

The BLIS feature in the new Ford Edge is designed to monitor around the vehicle at high speeds and alert the driver if another vehicle sneaks into either blind spot. The corresponding side mirror will flash to alert the driver to stay the course, then gives the all clear by the light turning off.

The Ford Edge also has the Cross-Traffic Alert feature working when the vehicle is in reverse. As the car goes in reverse, the…

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Maximizing Control in the Ford Flex

Convenience is paramount in the Ford Flex starting with a ground clearance of just 5.9 inches so entering and exiting becomes far easier. The PowerFold® third-row seat folds with just a touch of a button while built-in heating and cooling for the front ensure that you stay comfortable no matter how the weather is doing outside. Bring in more light and fresh air using theVista Roof® that spans all three rows.

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive prevents wheel split and maximizes traction on uncertain surfaces by constantly bouncing the torque between the front and rear axles.

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Ford Fusion Energi: Technology for Energy Efficiency

The Ford Fusion Energi is a plug-in hybrid vehicle. It is designed to make the equivalent of 88 miles per gallon. While this is a plug-in hybrid, this vehicle has all of the features that drivers have come to enjoy in the Ford Fusion powered in the traditional way. Comfort is not sacrificed in the name of efficiency.

The Ford Fusion Energi has some technology features that allow this vehicle to be so energy efficient. The SmartGauge with EcoGuide feature allows you to monitor the energy efficiency of the vehicle. You can know when the vehicle is operating at the…

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Making Safety a Priority in the Ford Transit Connect

If you’re dealing with passengers, the Ford Transit Connect can comfortable take care of five, six, or seven adults while providing easier entry and exit through dual sliding doors. If you transport cargo, you can count on up to 149 cu. ft. of space when you fold down the front passenger seat.

Your transport efforts in the Ford Transit Connect become safer. Pull into reverse, and the Rear-View Camera reveals what’s going on behind the van while adding guidelines so you can align your trailer hitch with that of a trailer. In case of an accident, numerous airbags…

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The Reasons Why Tire Pressure Matters

Whether there is too much or too little pressure in the tires, it can have a negative impact on the health of the tires and the safety of your ride.

If the tire pressure is too high, the vehicle tends to ride on a very thin line in the center of the tires. Not only does that negatively impact the handling, but it can also wear the center of the tires too quickly. Less rubber on the road can also make it more challenging to drive in slick road conditions as the car keeps pulling off the highways. When the…

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The Design Features on the New Ford Mustang Show Why It’s Still a Fan Favorite

The Ford Mustang has long enjoyed its status as a true American icon. It has been a leader in the sports coupe market for decades and doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon. It is instantly recognizable on the road as one of the best muscle cars available.

The design features available for 2018 are sure to please drivers as well. These features include things like:

If you would like to see all of these design features in person then head on over to our showroom here at Smith Cairns Ford Lincoln in Yonkers, NY and take the…

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Enjoy a Smooth Ride in the 2018 Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is a popular SUV that has been a favorite of drivers for a long time. One of the many reasons why people like the 2018 model is because of its terrain management system. This system allows the transmission to adjust based on the type of terrain.

Another great capability feature of the Ford Explorer is its Class III Trailer Tow Package, which has a capacity of up to 5,000 pounds. The system includes sway control to manage the load. It also has a proprietary Roll Stability Control system, which automatically adjusts the engine speed and braking…

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Don’t Miss the Technology in a 2018 Ford Escape

Safety is at the center of everything that Ford aspires to do in manufacturing. Such is the reason why the brand crafted the Ford Escape with features that enhance driver capabilities to reduce the number of accidents that occur on the highway and in the city.

Ford Safe and Smart Package is comprised of technological advances that offer convenience and better views of the road. There are the driver-activated windshield wipers that can sense the intensity of the rain. The high beam headlamps also help during inclement weather conditions as they automatically activate when they detect fog...

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Rotating Your Tires Will Help Them to Last Longer

Your tires play a vital role in how well your vehicle handles. When tires are worn, especially when they are worn unevenly, the reduce how well your car hugs the road. One way to address this is to rotate your tires regularly to ensure that they wear down at a more even rate.

It is important to keep an eye out on the tread level of your car's tires. On front wheel drive cars, the front wheels will wear down faster than the rear tires. On a rear wheel drive car, the rear tires will wear down faster. Rotating…

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How Do My Car's Brake Pads Works and When Should I Replace Them?

If you're driving a car with disk brakes, the brake pads are a crucial part of the braking system. Without properly functioning brake pads, the car you're driving wouldn't slow down or stop like it usually does, putting you and the people around you in danger.

When you press the brake pedal, brake pads provide friction to slow or stop your car. The brake pads press on the brake rotors, which are the flat discs that you can often see resting behind your wheels. The friction and pressure created by the contact between the pads and rotors…

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