The Ford Mach-E is the Perfect Electric SUV

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is the perfect addition to the all-electric Ford lineup for 2021. Having already sold out the first run in North America, it looks like you are going to have to wait for the second batch to come out if you want to own the Mach-E, but it will be worth the wait. Read on to learn more.

Comfortable Design

The Mach-E has some of the most flawless design features from inside to out, including a front-loading storage compartment where the engine would normally be and plenty of interior space with legroom for everyone. The sleek and unique exterior design is something you are going to have to see for yourself in person at Smith Cairns Ford Lincoln as the Mach-E looks like something out of a movie. Sitting on the inside is a digital experience designed to keep you safe and comfortable.

Electrifying Performance

The Mach-E does 0-60 in about 3.5 seconds, so be ready to put your head back in your seat and let electric power take you faster and further than ever before with an estimated range of 300 miles on one charge.

Tech Features

The Mach-E is fully loaded with a massive touchscreen for navigation and entertainment, all-wheel-drive technology and cool features like regenerative braking that charges the battery when you press on the brakes; complete with Bluetooth technology and driver's assist features that help you glide down the road with ease.

Choose from these different versions of the Mach-E:

  • First Edition
  • Select
  • Premium
  • California Route 1
  • GT

See the Mustang Mach E at Smith Cairns Ford Lincoln

Purchase the Mach-E from Smith Cairns Ford Lincoln and you can see the performance and innovative design for yourself. If you want to own this electric SUV version of the Mustang, then don't wait. Make a reservation at our location in Yonkers.

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