Does your Ford vehicle have a check engine light or drivability problems? If so, you will need to have your vehicle diagnosed at Smith Cairns Ford Lincoln in Yonkers. After the diagnostic testing is complete, technicians can tell you what is causing the problem.

So you are probably thinking, how much will the diagnostic testing cost? The cost is typically between $90-$110 not including taxes. This cost will vary depending on your location and the nature of the problem. Some problems may require additional time and more detailed testing. For an accurate quote, contact Smith Cairns Ford Lincoln serving The Bronx, Scarsdale, New Rochelle, and Mount Vernon. It is important to remember that the diagnostic cost does not cover any repairs.

One of the most common problems that require diagnosis is a check engine light. A check engine or service engine soon light will illuminate when the onboard computer senses a problem that could increase emissions or cause drivability problems.

So can you drive your vehicle with a check engine light? While in many cases your vehicle may appear to drive normal with a check engine light, it is important to have the problem diagnosed as soon as possible to prevent prolonged increased emissions, poor fuel economy, and possible damage to other components. A check engine light that is blinking indicates a serious misfire problem that requires immediate attention. Your car should not be driven in this condition to prevent damage to the catalytic converter.

A scan tool is typically used to diagnose check engine light problems. The tool can retrieve codes from the vehicle's computers that will indicate what system is potentially triggering the light. In some cases, there may be numerous codes stored in the vehicle's computers. Some codes may be related and caused by the same component. Technicians will usually check the technical service bulletins (TSB) for your vehicle to see if they are related to the problem.



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