If you’ve been looking at the many new Ford vehicles on the market today, you’ve probably seen the term “EcoBoost” a lot and are wondering what it means. EcoBoost is a process that combines turbocharging with direct fuel injection to give you more power on the road without having to sacrifice fuel economy. It can also be described as giving you better fuel economy without giving up engine power. Stop at Smith Cairns Ford Lincoln and let us show you our vehicles and explain how EcoBoost works and how it can benefit you.

EcoBoost consists of two parts: turbocharging and direct fuel injection.

Turbocharging – Engines that are turbocharged have a component called a turbocharger that forces in more air than a conventional engine would. When the engine is getting more air and fuel, it’s going to be more powerful. Drivers could always get a bigger engine to get more power, but it would also decrease their gas mileage.

Direct injection – This process gets the fuel directly to the engine. In a regular car without direct injection, the engine utilizes the intake tract to get fuel to the engine. Vehicles with direct inject bypass that step, providing a less complex and more efficient fuel injection process.

When you put these two processes together, what you’re getting is an EcoBoost engine that’s powerful while still offering the best possible fuel economy. However, do you want or need an EcoBoost? Many of the new Ford vehicles made today boast of having the EcoBoost engine. However, many of these new vehicles only offer the EcoBoost engine in the higher, and more expensive, end of a particular model line.

The technology behind the EcoBoost engine is solid, which is why it’s such a popular feature in so many Ford vehicles. It increases acceleration and gives you more power without having to sacrifice fuel economy. It also gives vehicle owners the advantage of being able to say they have a turbocharged engine, and there is something about that term “turbocharged engine” that sounds impressive!

If you still have questions or would like to take a turbocharged vehicle out for a spin, stop in at our Yonkers dealership.



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