You're looking for a new vehicle that's powerful and efficient. While you might be researching different models – and that is always a good idea to ensure you're getting the best vehicle for your needs – if you're specifically focused on finding a vehicle with good fuel economy, efficient performance, and plenty of power, you should be thinking about what kind of engine best fits your needs. And if you're thinking about what kind of engine best fits your needs, you'll likely be considering a Ford EcoBoost® engine.

What is a Ford EcoBoost® Engine?

Ford EcoBoost® engines are now available in most new Ford cars & SUVs, including everything from the sporty Ford Mustang sports car to the family-friendly Ford Explorer SUV. But what exactly does EcoBoost® technology entail?

All EcoBoost® engines are a result of both physical engineering advancements and many hours of mental ingenuity at Ford, resulting in advanced engine technology like no other. Ford engineers, for instance, had to come up with thousands of lines of computer coding to optimize the engine timing of EcoBoost® engines, making sure they're operating at peak efficiency. Meanwhile, they labored long and hard to create an engine that uses both direct fuel injection and a turbocharger to maximize power output.

How Does My Ford EcoBoost® Engine Work?

Modern internal combustion engines use a mix of air and fuel compressed by a piston and ignited by a spark to create a combustion reaction. When combustion occurs, the resulting expanding gases push the piston down, providing force to move the connecting rod and crankshaft, resulting in rotational energy which in turn moves the driveshaft, and the vehicle in which the engine is equipped.

Ford EcoBoost® engines are different than other engines because they spray a mixture of fuel and air directly into the combustion chamber (direct injection), resulting in increased efficiency. What's more, by utilizing a turbocharger that makes use of exhaust energy that would otherwise be wasted, forcing more air into the piston during each individual combustion reaction, Ford EcoBoost® engines further maximize both efficiency and performance.

Learn More or Experience an EcoBoost® Engine In Action

Have questions about EcoBoost® engine technology? Let the experts at our new & used Ford dealership or service center answer them for you! We're happy to help you however possible here at Smith Cairns Ford Lincoln – all you need to do is reach out with your questions or requests!

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