If buying a new truck is in your plans for the new year, then you've probably already begun your search. Congratulations! But, before you make a final decision, consider the 2019 Ford Super Duty! The popular heavy-duty pickup has been chosen by Yonkers truck owners who want toughness and durability that last.

The Ford Super Duty is engineered with high-strength, military-grade aluminum, which significantly reduces the weight of the truck. The innovative design allowed engineers to redistribute the weight to use for other areas, such as stronger axles, robust steering, and more efficient chassis components. The end result - best-in-class payload and towing! Additionally, the class-exclusive solid front axle provides you with a significant amount of strength for weight-bearing capability while operating numerous types of front-end aftermarket accessories, such as a snowplow.

Do yourself a huge favor and stop by Smith Cairns Ford Lincoln to take a test drive of the Super Duty and discover all that it has to offer!

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