Hybrid Vehicles from Ford Offer Higher Capacity Charge than Most on the Market

Reliability and convenience can be found in hybrid vehicles for drivers looking for a more fuel-efficient vehicle without sacrificing reliability. Ford’s hybrid Energi model has one the highest capacity lithium-ion batteries available on the marketing allowing you to keep going down the road when and how you need to.

New York drivers near Yonkers, Bronx, New Rochelle and Mount Vernon can discover the efficiency and convenience of a Ford C-MAX Energi hybrid with a 7.6 kilowatt lithium-ion battery. This hybrid battery can be charged in two hours via the standard 120-volt outlet in your house.

Ford takes the guesswork out of the situation for hybrid owners. With the MyFord mobile app, you know your Energi of current charge and get directions to the nearest charging station. The SmartGauge with the EcoGuide which shows how the regenerative braking system is working, allowing you to brake more efficiently.

Check out the additional features of a Ford Energi with a test drive of one of our Ford C-MAX Energi vehicles today at Smith Cairns Ford Lincoln.

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