Why You Need to Keep Your Gas Tank Full in Winter Months

Do not be too lazy to stop at a gas station when your gas gauge needle drops too low. Why do the auto experts at Smith Cairns Ford Lincoln advice motorists in Yonkers, NY to keep the gas tank full in winter?

We just do not want you to experience a condensation problem. In winter, drivers can see condensation on car windows especially in a frosty morning. Condensation also occurs if cold air or water vapor gets inside the gas tank. Filling up the gas tank prevents cold air from getting into the gas reservoir.

Just like water drops form on the cold window glass, a similar formation of drops of water will occur on the gas tank walls when cold air reacts with warm gas tank walls. The water beads will sink to the bottom, get into the car engine or fuel lines, cause corrosion or prevent gasoline from circulating in the engine.

Stay on top of your seasonal maintenance with advice from our team at 900 Central Park Avenue!

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