The Importance of Oil

It is a well-known fact that oil changes are important for your vehicle, but many people don’t realize exactly what oil does for their engine. Most people just get it into their vehicle, then forget about it. Oil is essential for an engine to continue to function properly; it keeps the engine cool, clean, and lubricated. Here in Yonkers, NY, we want our vehicles to run their best for as long as possible, keeping our oil clean is the easiest way to do that.

If oil does not function properly, the engine will be damaged, and will eventually fail. Getting frequent oil changes will make sure your oil and the oil filter stay clean and clear so that they can do their job. The secret to making your engine last longer is to make sure you keep the fluids taken care of.

When you need a servicing, make sure you come over to Smith Cairns Ford Lincoln. Our service center is run by expert technicians that will be sure your vehicle is taken care of quickly and efficiently.

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