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Rotating Your Tires Will Help Them to Last Longer

Your tires play a vital role in how well your vehicle handles. When tires are worn, especially when they are worn unevenly, the reduce how well your car hugs the road. One way to address this is to rotate your tires regularly to ensure that they wear down at a more even rate.

It is important to keep an eye out on the tread level of your car's tires. On front wheel drive cars, the front wheels will wear down faster than the rear tires. On a rear wheel drive car, the rear tires will wear down faster. Rotating…

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How Do My Car's Brake Pads Works and When Should I Replace Them?

If you're driving a car with disk brakes, the brake pads are a crucial part of the braking system. Without properly functioning brake pads, the car you're driving wouldn't slow down or stop like it usually does, putting you and the people around you in danger.

When you press the brake pedal, brake pads provide friction to slow or stop your car. The brake pads press on the brake rotors, which are the flat discs that you can often see resting behind your wheels. The friction and pressure created by the contact between the pads and rotors…

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